Rainy Days

Standing in the creek behind my house with my TOTES on.

RAINY days and Mondays always don’t always get me down.

Didn’t you love the Carpenters?

But, I’m not complaining about the rain as it really helps my dry skin and eyes…ahhhh relief!

This picture was taken back by the creek before all this rain fell. I was testing out my new TOTES.  I walked right through the creek to get some shots. 

However, I thought twice about going out to view the creek today. We have had nothing but downpours like you wouldn’t believe all day, everyday for a week. 

And I’m afraid one slip of the foot, and I’d be swept away. 

The creek is at the back of our acre of land, and normally you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

But I can hear the sound of the rushing water clear up by my house today!

Our county was under a flash flood watch just after one night of downpour.  

OK, now this is the third time I’m hearing hail hit the windows, in the past week, and these strong winds make the house sound like it’s going to implode… constant creaking sounds. 😮

What’s it like in your neck of the woods?