Happy Birthday

Wishing my son-in-law, of almost two years, a very happy birthday. 🎈🎈

As you can see from this photo, he is an extreme Falcons fanatic. (Yes, this is their wedding engagement photo.) 🏈

The man knows EVERYTHING there is about this team! The Atlanta Falcons SO need to hire him, for real!! He has been so loyal to them no matter what the season! (Even writing Facebook posts to encourage fickle fans.)😉

Now I know more about the Falcons than I ever have in my life. HA

*Photo by: Haley Dawn Photography


The Ultimate Fans Today

My son in law is the ULTIMATE Falcons fan as depicted by this engagement photo session before the wedding. 🙂

Atlanta Falcon Fans with their dogs during an engagement photo session

I have never met someone who knows so much about his team. AND…He has been the most dedicated fan no matter how the seasons have gone.

I keep telling him he really should go downtown Atlanta and try to get on with the Atlanta Falcon organization.

I mean, it wouldn’t hurt would it? Maybe they would admire his passion for the team, knowledge of every single play/player and because of his ultimate dedication, offer him a job. I think he’d be willing to clean toilets just to be working for them. 🙂


(My daughter just made this shirt for him. ^)

He’s been so loyal to the Atlanta Falcons and critical of those “fans” that didn’t stay true to the team when they weren’t doing so well through the years. When others were saying derogatory things or didn’t support the team, he’d stay positive come rain or shine!

I kind of think he has lived vicariously through this team because he never was afforded the opportunities to play any sports during school. 

Needless to say, he is b e e e y o n d  excited!


And I’m excited for him. 🙂

So, today I become a fan as well. 

Heck, I even have had my husband reteach me about the game of football so I could help cheer them on. Hubby has even been quizzing me about different game scenarios and strategies, ha. I wasn’t even this excited when our own COLTS were going to the Super Bowl and it was here in Indy…shhh don’t tell any of the Hoosiers, here.

Yes, they’re near Atlanta, and we live in Indiana, but I think I can hear quite a bit of screaming, this first half, clear up here Y’ ALL! 😉