Salsa in Winter: Easy Salsa Recipe


In the winter? Whaaaaa?

Easy salsa recipe for Mexican dinner

But who doesn’t love SALSA?

Can I get a Sí Señora? 🙂

We eat it all year long.

Mexican Salsa Snowman

I became the “salsa queen” when my daughter began asking for it just about every week.

Yep, we LOVE our salsa and Mexican food.

I grew up in California where I only preferred authentic Mexican cuisine. It became harder to find once moving to Indiana in the 70s…now, there’s a Mexican restaurant on every corner!

Mexican instruments

My daughter and I both agreed we could live solely on salsa.

However, WE are VERY particular about our SALSA!!

We like a chunkier, thicker version so it doesn’t drip everywhere.

A game changer was when I finally broke down and bought a food processor one year. So, I started experimenting, at home, making my own.

Which is SOOO much better because you know the ingredients that go into making it and it’s FRESH!

And who doesn’t like fresh?!!

My daughter gave me her 5-star approval on the final recipe, and we began making it often…too often!!

So here’s the quickest, easiest recipe everrrr. (Remember, you can always adapt where needed. ) And the best part…you just throw it all into a food processor! SO EASY!

(I can prepare it in 10 minutes flat due to that fact.

I’ve actually timed myself so I could say that, ha.)

fresh peppers


1/2 of a large onion (optional)

1 small, handful of cilantro (also optional-BUT we DO LOVE cilantro!)

1-8oz. can of tomato sauce

5 Roma tomatoes sliced (or any tomatoes) You can even use a can of crushed tomatoes. Actually,  any type of canned tomatoes will do; we do this when tomatoes are not in season.

2 T white sugar (takes down the bitterness of the tomatoes)

2 garlic cloves (cause we like garlic)

3 T white vinegar (it’s a must)

1 Jalapeno seeded/ or a small amount of chopped green chilis (optional)

Salt and Pepper

*You can actually use any seasonings you’d like: salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin, and onion powder.

Just remember, the canned items have LOTS of salt in them, so use the salt sparingly.


Add everything together in a food processor or blender. (If your food processor won’t hold everything, at once, just add to the processor in smaller batches.)

Or, you can hand chop the items and mix them all together.

In the end, if you want some more liquid in your salsa, add more tomato sauce or a little water.

I also love putting salsa on my omelet or scrambled eggs.

And just in case you’ve never had Home Ec 😉

T=Tablespoon   t=teaspoon

**Tell me in the comments below what ingredients you love to add to your salsa.**