Colorful Starling

I was able to catch this guy right out my patio window…lucky me…look at those colors! 📷

From afar they always look dingy black. 🙂

Sometimes there are hundreds in my yard!


Spring FAIL

Probably like a lot of readers, here, we are getting more snow today.

bird bracing itself in cold, winter weather

My hubby is off to Maryland on business and flights have already been canceled. He’s due to arrive at the airport right when they are expecting 8-12 inches. PERFECT TIMING! NOT.

I woke up to this….

snow falling in the spring of Indiana

just after buying some spring decor and hanging that banner.

Yep, it’s a no go.

We went from 60-degree temps to 30 (overnight) last week.

To go from the beach in Florida back home to this…always has been kind of disheartening.

Spring Break tan is useless when you return to snows back home.

I need some sun!

Oh man, it’s snowing again!!

Birds of Indiana

Only in Indiana can you go from frigid temps and snow, to breezy and sixty-degrees all in 24 hours. bird fighting the snow and cold in IndianaI took a pic of this lil’ guy hunkering down and later tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll be sunbathing and wearing sandals, ha!

Here’s another guy looking for food…



cardinal eating seed in the winter snow

Sneaky Squirrel

squirrel stealing bird food

My fault, I should’ve remembered not to lay out the seed on the ground, this time.

I thought, “Man, I have a lot of hungry birds out there.”

Till I saw this guy.

Lone squirrel

Gettin’ full for fall

I’ve lived here for 15 yrs., and I’m just now catching this one and only squirrel crossing the patio each morning. 🙂