Great Purse and Backpack Organizer

I purchased this felt insert for my purse and it has been a lifesaver. I got tired of digging around in my open totes unable to find things quickly and I love this purse organization. I’ve even used it in other purses, bags and backpacks even for organizing my camera lenses when traveling as well. It even comes in all different sizes and colors

So, I thought I would share it.

I recently became an Amazon affiliate and since I have to stay home now due to health issues I’m trying new things and ways to be creative. But, I sure would appreciate it if you use my link to purchase.

And just so you know, I will ONLY share those things me and my family like or use ourselves. 😊


I get a really small commission, just a few dollars really, but every little bit helps!👍🏼 Thanks!

Here’s my video review showing how it works.

They make great gifts too. 🎁


Fashion Flatlay

My brain is plain mush, so to take a break and get my mind off of all these medical decisions concerning my Mom, I played flat lay with my clothes today.

Our blog was to include fashion, so I tried my hand at it…man those fashion bloggers make it look easy, NOT!

Anyhoo, all items are listed below. It’s still a lil cold here in Indiana how about your neck of the woods? Happy _ _ _ _wait, what day is it?🤔 For real, I have to look or ask Echo. 😜

Scarf and top: Nordstrom

Jeans: Old Navy

Booties: Payless (before they closed) 😞

Cardigan: Forever 21

Mules: Target

Plaid Vest and Denim at Marshalls

So, my loving husband got me some great, fall clothes at Marshalls.

I was tagging along with him, on his business trip, to Maryland. LUCKY ME.

We don’t have a Marshalls store near us, so when he asked if I wanted to stop in after our dinner, of course, I didn’t hesitate. 😀

I love fall clothes, and Marshalls had some of the CUTEST vests ever!

I really don’t shop all that much, but when I do, I love a good deal!

Rarely do I even go to the mall.

I try to not to spend full price on anything, but this was a little different in that these were new, 2016 fashions, and not on sale.

(Kind of a first for me…no really, just ask my hubby.)

AND having had healthier days this year, I found myself getting out more, and actually felt like dressing which led to shopping. 😉

My itching (this skin disease) has been much better and clothes, besides pajamas, are now more of an option for me. 🙂 Thank. the. Precious. Lord.

I usually could only stand so much clothing, on my body, maybe an hour or so, then back to pjs it was.

The clothes had to be soft, soft and SOFTER.

Did I say SOFT?

Therefore, my fall wardrobe needed a bit of an overhaul.

You know those sweaters you have had for years, and the fuzz balls are now so offensive, you have no choice?

Ditch ’em.

Yes, you must.

Even if it is your fa   vor   ite.

It just can’t handle one more fall season.

Trust me.

So, before leaving for our trip, we had a garage sale,

and I did just that.

I rummaged through my closet, and drawers, throwing out heaps of ratty things.

I also gave tons away,


So that counts, right?

I had clothing dating back to the 80s.

Oh, and about 8 lbs. of old, costume jewelry…love jewelry.

(As soon as I throw it out, I will be looking for it..just wait.)

I know we can’t keep it all, but everything is cycling back around. I could so easily re-buy the same, exact, items I gave away (to Goodwill) many years ago.

i. e.

wide belts

desert boots


jean jackets

jean vests

jean purses

patched jeans

acid washed jeans.

I have noticed this is the year of “jean everything”

Yep, it’s all coming back. thoughts are all over the place.

I digress.

Anyhoo, I did appreciate the hubby’s thoughtfulness.

♥Thanking my main man!

and well,

our 29th wedding anniversary IS just around the corner. 😉

Fall 2016 women's clothing from Marshalls stores.


Here’s the online link if you want to “browse” Marshalls or find a store for yourself!

PS Marshalls didn’t ask me for a recommendation; I just liked what I found!

Plaid Vest and Denim at Marshalls

vest– British Khaki


shirt– Ellen Tracy


booties- Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita booties from Marshalls

These booties were so COMFY and easy to slip on! A great, suede feel to them too!


Fall Funday for the Busy Mom

Fall Funday for the Busy Mom


Fall Funday

Fall Funday