Okay, I’ve been told you must have an interesting “ABOUT ME” page for people to identify with you in some way. So, hopefully, my kids will know some of my history for further grandkids, and you may find you can relate to something I’ve shared because I’ve tried to think of anything and everrryything!! HA

I know I’ve connected with others that same way through blogs I’m reading.

Surely, we will have SOMETHING in common!

So, I’m originally a southern, Cali girl turned “Hoosier”. My dad was sick of the rat race (he was an OC cop) and moved us back to his hometown of Mayberry. (I mean Danville, Indiana.) Talk about culture shock as a 12 yr old!!  (That’s an entire story in itself.)

I am an empty nester now…hence my blog title.

My son is 28, got married in 2016, and has recently moved back home from Georgia and of course we’re thrilled because they also brought my first grandbaby, Chloe Summer. 🙂


My daughter moved mid semester of high school and found her a southern boy. She’s 26 and that’s her wedding up above, Oct, 2015.

**And you may have noticed an addition to my site title because I added my daughter (AKA “Morgie”) in hopes of including her southern, farmhouse style/decor, recipes, and diy projects. You can find more on our joint instagram account  @Morgie_and_Me

But we empty nesters still reside here in Indiana and hope to retire south to where both kids are living now…to be by our first grandbaby now due. 😉

I’ve been married to my best friend for 32 years and will admiringly refer to my hubby as “my rock”. Because he’s been just that through this crazy life of ours! He’s been there through all my health issues, and I love him dearly for sticking by my side through this tough journey.

me and tim

Sadly, I had to quit teaching due to my health. But, I love to teach and do feel it is my calling. (I have a teaching license in Elementary Education as well as 7-9th Social Studies.) I’ve had experience dealing with the gifted, bipolar, ADHD, and OCD; both children and adults. I hope to explore some of these areas, on my website, as well.

China was my home, way back in 1986, where I taught ESL (to professors and grad students) at Zhengzhou University. I will enjoy sharing my exciting and unusual experiences. China was a very different place back in the 80s.

1-1-great wall

I love to sing and grew up singing at church with my mom and various groups. I had to learn to sing harmony, at a young age, and taught myself by listening to TV theme songs. I finally had a breakthrough with “The Brady Brunch” theme song. 😂 From then on, singing was my main focus.

At 18, I was excited to be offered an opportunity to join a choir, that toured Europe, every year, as a way to promote peace. It was 1985, and the iron curtain had not yet come down.  Singing just outside the border (with armed soldiers looking down on us) is a memory forever etched in my mind. We traveled to seven countries singing in some unbelievable cathedrals (the acoustics were phenomenal), all while staying with wonderful, host families.

Proudly, I come from a long line of Marines and cops; My little bro is presently a Col in the Marine Corps. Tradition carries on!

So, I’m very patriotic, pretty tough…and of course learned to shoot by age five! 😁


Traveling has been a blast! I’ve been to 40 states and 9 countries thus far. I used to be the map reader when my parents took off across the states in our Jeep. We loved four-wheeling and there were times Mom got us out of the Jeep to keep Dad from risking our lives!

And yes, I have indeed been stranded in Death Valley, thanks to dad. It’s an interesting story that needs repeating and just one of the many, unusual “adventures” dad got us into.


*This isn’t the picture of us stranded, but one of our many, 4-wheelin’ adventures!!

**Yep, that’s me displaying the “flower power”, mom in hot pants, and my lil’ bro in leg braces…aren’t we a SIGHT?!


I always have to get a good deal! (Hey, I’m frugal, not cheap!!)

Patience is NOT my virtue! I can’t stand indecisiveness, and tend to want to step in and just “get ‘er done”!!

I may make a list, or two, or four. 😏

I love being around people that make me laugh hard.

Give me the DETAILS… details, details, details  PLEASE, PEOPLE! No story is complete without them. The more the better. (It makes the story more interesting, am I right?)

I LOVE taking pictures…the learning curve is HUGE with this new DSLR! You will find many of them in my posts.

I love decorating and surprising people with creative gifts. My mom taught me well.

I’m always late because I think I can always squeeze in just one.more.thing. before leaving the house!

I could stay up, FOR HOURS, learning about everything and anything under the sun. (quite literally).

My mom and husband are my biggest supporters.

I empathize with the persecuted and suffering around the world. (I try to pray for them daily.) http://www.persecution.com

I tend to lose patience for those who complain or whine over the smallest of issues or problems. (There are people dealing with some horrendous, daily battles…kind of want to say, get over it!)

Gloomy, overcast days I ABHOR! (Could possibly have S.A.D. ?)  👎🏼

I love a good “sit down”, family time of talking…DETEST cell phones!! UGH

I’m pretty mechanical and can put together most things but hate reading the instructions. (Who wrote those things anyhow? xo%#$%^&!!)

True confession time…I do wish I didn’t care so much what other people thought. I LOVE people and think I’m pretty nice to know; so, it upsets me when others misread me for some reason, BUT I’m getting past it with age! HA. Their loss.

Making memories…it’s what I’m all about!

When you suffer from severe allergies, asthma, eye/skin disease,and auto immune issues, you find you have A LOT of knowledge to share! So I hope I can help in some way on this site.

It’s been the battle of my entire life, and the last 11 being more home bound than I’d like. Because of it, I’m a “medical detective” and researcher (of sorts), as well as empathize with those who suffer from life-long illness. It wears on you. AND, initially, that’s why I started this whole “blog thing” as I’ve been scouring the net (maybe like you being here now) and just want to help others.

Now, I also write about everything…kind of helps me take my mind off things. But, I hope to share advice on meds, new research, natural helps, and management tips perhaps on another page just dedicated to health.

I LOVE my daily Bible reading and prayer time; I couldn’t live without it! When reading became more difficult, this resource was a GOD SEND: http://dailyaudiobible.com

WHEW!! That was a lot…maybe too much. Sorry.

Did I say I like the details?

AND hearing others’ life stories? 😁

OK, so you heard mine (whether you wanted to or not.)

Thanks for stopping in! Please drop me a line below.👇🏽

I love meeting new people. 😊

PS I assure you I will make editorial mistakes mainly due to lack of sleep or what have you.  But thanks for visiting, I hope to see you back!!



14 thoughts on “My Life’s Story

  1. You found me so I checked you out. We have so-o-o-o-o much in common. Where are you in Indiana? I am in MIchigan on the west side about two hours from the Michigan/Indiana state line. God bless.

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  2. When I read it again today, I picked up another “mutual” thing in common. I had a lot of allergic issues over the winter. When I started sneezing or had runny nose, it was uncontrollable, and non stop. I had it one after another all winer. Just had a lab work done, my white blood count was low, all the items related to immune system were low. My husband and I are changing our diet, and I’m taking additional supplements!


  3. Loved your brief “autobiography”. You are quite an interesting person! Do you like movies? I have a quick recommendation for you. Have you seen “Bridge of Spies” with Tom Hanks? Based on your experience in Europe, you might really enjoy this movie about the Cold War and the wall between East and West Germany. What a great movie! You might want to check it out. Thanks for your time and for sharing.

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  4. Hi Tammy, you’re right. We do have a lot in common. Yes, China was different back in 1980. I came to US in 1977, but went to China with my brother in 1975. Everybody wore light blue, no other colors. So the local people stared at us. In a recent post Tremble, I talked about started singing in church as a teenager. Yes, you were in education, so was I. Wow…. we can compare on and on… I have to read more to find out about your health situation. I’m glad that you have a Rock Star husband. Mine is wonderful. He just said to me, “I can do your legs, sweetie.” I need massage for my legs every night to help with the circulation before bedtime. Talk with you come more. Let’s get connected. I’ll follow you. You could do the same if you want. I’m working on my next post Gratitude Moments #8 to share my chemo treatment experience. Bye for now!

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