I brought out all the color and bunnies for the grandkids as one of them is just now old enough to notice. 🐰🤗🌷

Just look around your home and add some plants and texture and you have a budget friendly tablescape.

See and use things in different ways, thinking outside of the box and check dollar stores for budget friendly items.

My tulips haven’t bloomed yet but maybe they’ll make an appearance by Sunday. Happy Easter! Today is Friday but….Sunday is coming!


Oh,be sure to check out our site on Instagram @morgie_and_me for more decorating tips and budget friendly finds.

Here’s how my Easter table finally came altogether! 🤗🌷💗


8 thoughts on “Easter Table on a Budget

  1. Oh that’s tough. I’m sorry to hear that. Taking care of others is one of life’s toughest challenges. Luckily it can sometimes be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Good luck and I pray it gets better for you.

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  2. Hey Hoosier, Happy Easter! I just drove with my family around Indiana on a Spring Break trip. We were scouting colleges for my daughter who’s a high school junior. We enjoyed the vacation!


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      1. It really is gorgeous. I hope my daughter picks it but she might prefer Ball St. in Muncie. It’s early though. She’s still got her senior year in high school. We’ll see…

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      1. You may know a cardiologist stroked my mom during a heart cath. She went from fully functioning to childlike. Then dad tried to care for her…not good….several severe injuries. Then dad died during Covid leaving us to scramble to get mom somewhere , sell properties etc. a real mess! Now a new grandchild had major surgery etc ..I could share so much. Not time to even write a blog spot about it all here. 🤪 Shall I go on???!!! Not even the half of it-ha. ..Probably sorry you asked.

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