Hey friends!

Some of you have asked where I’ve been as I really haven’t posted much of anything on my website/blog since Thanksgiving, other than an occasional picture to let you know I’m still out here in blog land.👋🏼

But, I had promised to share pictures from our trip out west to the Grand Canyon, Zion and surrounding sites. (I feel bad as some of you said you “couldn’t wait to see them”…so sorry. 😦 )

The deal is, I’ve been battling a lot of worsening health issues for the last 10 years with the last 2 just being unbearable pain. I’ve been trying to find answers for my lack of mobility and constant, daily pain for 2 yrs. now, mainly concentrated in my lower back, legs and arms.

[Basically, walking, sitting, and also doing anything that involved my arms has been excruciating…even at rest; just “being” really.]

Hence, I haven’t felt like typing much…nor can I do much of anything.

AND…to add to that, I have an eye disease that gives me further issues and blogging isn’t always feasible. I’m really not to be on any media/device at length.

Yeah, I’m soon to be 55 and feel 80 sometimes. UGGH!

(Well, some 80 year olds 👳‍♀️ are actually in better shape than me, sadly.)

**Interestingly, this blog was intended to cover health issues initially, because I have researched and tried sooo many things over the last 40 years and have learned so much ranging from hormonal imbalances, to urticaria, edema, resistant asthma, Lyme Disease, insomnia, blepharitis, to skin diseases, to…you name it… my husband and I have even talked about doing YouTube videos to share our experiences.

I’m a little camera shy though. 🎬👀 so, we shall see.🤔

But I really really feel the need to help people and have done a ton of research on multiple issues.

I just really want to share any findings/tips and hope for those suffering so horribly.

I’ve read a lot of the same type of stories as mine, people desperate for answers, and my heart goes out to them! So, I still want to get to helping others by providing what knowledge I have acquired.

In fact, if you’re interested with that type of information, being a part of my site here, or if I should add it to a site I already own, typically for health help, please leave me feedback!

I feel I haven’t gone through all of this for nothing and want to help others so badly!♥️ #dontwanttowastemysufferings

I’m kind of a health detective 🧐 of sorts, ha ha. No, but for real!

Sooo, I say all that to let you know where I’ve been and what exactly is up. 😁

I hope to get better as I just had some steroid shots in my neck and am able to type without pain at the present, a first, YAHOO!

I’m trying to stay positive but past procedures have really let me down. I have had some good days for now…a first…so I’ll sure take it!👍🏻

I just HATE using steroids (that’s another topic), and had a lot of them these past 2 yrs, but sometimes you just get so desperate!

Anyhow, I hope to be back to doing something on this blog soon!

Fingers crossed!🤞🏼

Hope you’re all doing well!

PS And so sorry I haven’t been visiting your blogs much these past few months, either. 😩


4 thoughts on “What’s UP?

  1. Tammy, I share that love/hate relationship with the medical community you have. There is a reason why they use the phrase “practicing” medicine…because there still is an awful lot they and we just don’t know about the human condition, even after all these years. I am sorry to hear those health issues of yours interfere with your blogging because you obviously want to do much more of it. Prayers your way! – Bruce

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    1. Thank you Bruce! Yes, many times we have said the same thing about the drs being “in practice”. I’m feeling some better, so I may be typing up something soon! Hey, thanks for stopping by again!! AND I REALLY APPRECIATE the PRAYER..thank you! So wouldn’t be here without it!!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about all your health problems. Steroids in the neck, huh? Man, you’re gonna have a huge muscular neck! Just kidding.

    Medical mysteries can be fascinating. You can go to a hundred doctors and get 100 different opinions. I had a cousin with migraines and nobody could ever figure out what was wrong with him. Was it just mental? Was it a dental situation? Did he suffer from anxiety? Etc.

    I feel for you. Just keep trying and praying. I’ll pray for you too.

    Take care and thanks,

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    1. Thank you Reid very kind of you! If it wasn’t for all the prayers sent up for me I wouldn’t have made it this far I assure you! Yep, I try to find natural ways before any meds as they have so many side effects. I usually don’t take them; hence, living with pain most of the time..I don’t even want an aspirin. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with doctors. 😁

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