The backyard looks beautiful right now!


6 thoughts on “Backyard Beauty

    1. Thank you! We have an acre with part of it being the woods and a creek. It got warm and things started to bed and then it dropped into the 30s and now it’s back up into the 70s. That’s Indiana weather for you! The phlox (purple) comes back yearly. 😊


      1. I’ve been to Indianapolis once years ago to attend our church (Free Methodist) headquarter’s mission conference. I don’t have too much memory of it because I just got to US as a student in Portland, Oregon. In southern CA where I am, it’s hard to get that much land unless going toward desert area!

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      2. We are about one hour south of Indianapolis. Indianapolis is more flat but we have more rolling hills here. And yes, I remember that about California. One of the reasons my dad moved us back to Indiana that and the “rat race” 😉 he felt in CA as I referred to in my previous post about their wedding day. He couldn’t wait to get back to more land, wide open, outdoor spaces and less people!

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      3. Yes, I understand. My husband’s one sister and her husband bought two acres in Riverside years ago. Eventually he designed the house (so did his dad), and had it built. That was before the housing market crashed in CA. So they are the only people in our extended family has some more space!

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