The leaves and needles are falling, there’s change all over my backyard.

Nature is transitioning, and the cold is coming.

Nature mimics our lives.


Change/transition can sometimes bring the cold too:



and pain.


Life can change out of nowhere, with not even a hint of warning…

loss of a job, a bad report from the doctor, a friend’s unfounded betrayal,


And with it, brings heartache.

Deep, deep sadness.

The deepest pit.

Heartache [only YOU know] because it’s YOURS.

You own it at its deepest level.

bird fighting the snow and cold in Indiana

Yes, people can offer advice, words of comfort, even wisdom…

BUT words feel like a band-aid. You can’t really take them in.

You don’t want any more words.

You dread to see anyone. I mean how do you answer?

You feel you just can’t take anymore.

Finally, your body breaks down in a good cry. A hard cry. A shaking kind of cry.

A cry your body can’t hold in any longer.

And it pleads for a meeting with God.

A quiet, still place where He brings His presence. HIS sweet, wonderful presence.


No one’s talking. It’s just still.


That undeniable presence consumes your space.

You KNOW He’s near.


in every part of your being.

Only GOD can do that.

Only GOD really gets you.

He knows your deepest pain like no other.

Only HE can comfort.

Yes, HE knows you intimately.

He promises to get right in there and feel your sorrow with you.

He’s present…He really is.

Right alongside you.

We live in a fallen world with many hurts and disappointments.

This isn’t how we saw our lives.

This wasn’t the plan.

People weren’t supposed to be so mean.

My loved one was to be here for many, more years. happens and you’re caught off guard.

There’s no stopping it, or asking for a do-over.

You can never be prepared.

Lean on God, pour out your heart.

Feel embraced and loved today.

He gets it. He really does.

More than anyone else.


And yes, someday…


That is the HOPE I choose to lean on;

to cling to.

It’s my ONLY choice, really.


3 thoughts on “Changes, and A Good Cry

  1. Chet Baker & Paul Desmond – Concierto de Aranjuez

    I just read your post now, listening to this trail.
    And it echoed in me.

    “He knows your deepest pain like no other.
    Only HE can comfort.
    Yes, HE knows you intimately.”

    I understand that certain peculiarities of ours, of each one of us, only God knows. Certain pains, wounds, hurts or desires are so intimate, so personal, that only He can approach, and touch if we allow.

    There are certain conversations that we do not even have to ourselves. Other people do not have access.

    But in certain moments and circumstances these matters come to the surface, and are so difficult … that they can only be shared with Him; are our abysses.

    But aware of this, I have today sought to share my happiness and joys too. Because as He shares with me my sorrows, my defeats, my pains, it is also honest to share my successes. Being Himself, the master responsible for the benefits by His mercy.

    So, I see myself, thanking more often, and grateful for that feeling of peace that invades me, and makes me feel as though everything has passed, that problems, defeats, and victories are part of the way. And that all is well, and it is possible to continue in having Hope, and to continue following, and to trust in the faith and to rest in the faith.

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