Eight months ago, I developed yet another physical problem.

It seems to be every time I turn around…geez.

Severe back pain with pain in both hips, a knee, and sometimes down my thighs.

It felt like I had been run over.


Even my lower ribs would hurt to touch.

Biking, cycling, walking in Farmland in Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington Indiana bike trail


Oh, I’ve had back issues throughout my life, and saw the chiropractor every month,

But this was…

can’t walk, can’t sit, can’t sleep, can’t even focus..because the pain was so bad.

PAIN all day; all night.

I did everything and went everywhere trying to  find an answer.

To. Everyone.

X-ray, MRI, CT scan, back therapy.

Nothing had helped. 😦

[I thought maybe Magnesium, Potassium, upping my Vit. D, multiple Epsom salt baths…oh, I don’t know, ANYTHING???]

I hate opioids for pain. So, I just tried my best to cope.

But, I wasn’t coping very well.

I’ve been grasping at straws.

I’ve carried hot water bottles, tucked into the waist of my pants, used hot and cold compresses, wore a back support brace, smelled like Ben Gay, bought up heat activated capsaicin pads at the $store, tried foam rollers, a Thera Cane massager, tennis ball…

You get the idea.

Nothing was helping!

I’ve come to learn these last few years that chronic pain is a whole other ballgame.

I pray a lot for those people. It is plain torture.

I get it.

It takes a lot to want to do anything, and I sure feel for people who deal with it.

Bless their hearts!

They’re heroes in my book, that’s for sure.

So, for me to go on a long, long, L    O    N    G  car trip, (over 2,000 miles) was a real act of faith!

(I was tagging along on a business trip with my hubby Story Here)

But, to not only get home in decent shape but to then go on a bike ride today?

But I did just that…

On my beachcomber. It felt so freeing after not being able to ride since last year at this time.


The trip east, the bike ride…

It was no short of a miracle. LITERALLY!

(Let me also say, I HAVE had a lot of prayer going up for me!)

I had a little pain in my knee today, when I woke, but hey, what a victory it’s been for me these last couple of weeks!


Can we say, HALLELUJAH?!

I sure hope I’m on the upswing.

In honor of getting back on my bike today, and answered prayer…here are a few pics of a trail near our home.

Rails to Trails.  Link HERE

The colors are a changin’!

Bike hike or cycle bloomington Indiana trails.

We thought about upgrading to gears, but these beachcombers really make us work harder. 🙂

You should see the way these young kids look at us as they speed past us on their geared bikes. I want to yell, “Yeah, I’m huffin’ and puffin’ but I’m 53 and doin’ this without cheating like you, ha! ;)”

Do any of you ride? Where are your favorite places to ride?

Rails to Trails Bloomington, Indiana


img_6198img_6190Taken with my iPhone 5, all pics property of ©thentherestwo.com. Follow me on Instagram! NOTE: I will be posting more info on particular trails in the area, come on back!



11 thoughts on “Biking & My Back

    1. Thanks Denise! We DID enjoy it; it was a beautiful day, yesterday! I’m just really sore today; as usual, that uphill ride back kind of got to me. Thanks for stopping by my site, and have a great day! 🙂


  1. I have back problems as well after being hit by a car and landing on my back, now standing for more than 10 minutes causes severe pain. But earlier this year my husband and I purchased Electra Townie bicycles, Electra is the brand name but its not an electric bike. The handle bars are higher and the peddles are 8 inches farther forward than other bikes causing the rider to sit straight up. They are very comfortable and I have no back pain when riding. It’s freedom. We were riding on the Cowichan Valley Trail which looks a lot like your last photo and also on a dike that is about 3 miles round trip. For the winter we purchased stationary bike trainers so that we can continue to ride our bikes but inside the house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I’m so happy for you! I know what it’s like to not be able to enjoy the great outdoors due to physical limitations…sooo frustrating. Before the back issues, I’ve dealt with being home bound for several years. So I get it! We were just talking about those same bikes. I’m glad you told me of them! We would like to ride different trails in different states when visiting. Now, remind me what state is your trail in?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. no I wasn’t. I was walking in a parking lot at a local supermarket and someone came around the corner and nailed me.. not fun.. I settled too soon because since then my back has gotten a lot worse. We had bikes years ago but gave them away so we just started riding again this past May for exercise. I researched the Electra Townie online and we settled on that because it was easier on the back.


      2. Wow..well, it probably does feel like freedom then! My mother n law just got hit head on while travelling to take of her husband in his last stages..she’s been waiting on her claim for the same reasons.

        Liked by 1 person

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