Now That’s an Easy Bake Oven!

Now That’s an Easy Bake Oven Station!

So, I saw this colorful, cute, all in one, BREAKFAST MACHINE…uh, yes please!

It so reminded me of the days I begged for an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.

I did get one, and baked all the time (for everyone whether they wanted anything or not).

I LOVED my Easy Bake!

But what a great Christmas gift this would be, or for someone living in a small apartment, or small camper, or anywhere really.

I’ve  watched that House Hunter International show, and many times the apartments don’t even have a full HELlo, and here you go!

Or what about those tiny houses…tiny house/tiny breakfast station.

Yes, I do watch a lot of home-type shows.

(By the way, no one asked me to endorse this; I just thought it was cute and clever. 🙂 )

It comes in RED, too!

So if you want one, it can be found on Amazon here:

Breakfast Station link

Easy bake oven, breakfast station



Fall Funday for the Busy Mom

Fall Funday for the Busy Mom


Aging Ain’t for Cowards

Aging ain’t for cowards.

Yeah, you youngins can’t relate…but just wait.

Oh, I too was that kid, young adult…even 40 yr. old that thought, “I’ll never look like that, I’ll never have those, I’ll never be…” (fill in the blank).

It’s coming to you, TOO!

Old age:


Poor eyesight.


You know, the guy who finally can afford the hot, new, sports car.You look over, and he’s as old as your grandpa. And wearin’ a gold chain, at that!

God bless ’em…enjoy that car!


Yes, we all are going to age and with it has come some lovely, side benefits..NOT!

Oh, you might think it gross, unpleasant to talk of, but surely it IS coming.

There’s no gettin’ around it! 😮

We all have hoped we will age gracefully.

That no wheelchair, nursing home, or ailment will befall us

not to be negative-just REAL —

One never knows what the next day will hold.

So, ENJOY today!

Be kind. Help someone.

Do what you’ve always wanted to do.

And do it skin tag free! HA

Getting older and skin tags.

Fall Funday

Fall Funday

Fall Funday

Fall Funday


Be THAT Parent

caring kids

Be THAT Parent

I saw this on my friend’s Facebook page, today. (It was originally shared from the Scary Mommy page, I believe, but thought it too good to not share.)

I always had hoped I taught my children these important lessons.

Well, I know I had.

I saw them display this type of kindness from time to time as they were growing up.

After a prayer/object lesson each morning, I would say, “Now go let your little, light shine.”

Hoping to remind them to let God use them no matter who they encountered.

And when they’d return with a story, similar to this saying above,

well…it’d make THIS Mom’s heart swell!

Remembering 9.11.01

plane in clouds of Atlanta

Remembering 9.11.01

I took this picture out of the window at the airport, in Atlanta, last year.

Previous days had been filled with wedding dress fittings.

Georgia was now my daughter’s new home, and we had a wedding to plan there.

As we waited for our return flight home to Indiana, a storm had delayed multiple flights, and I sat among many desperately looking for places to charge their phones. People were packed into the small waiting area, with few seats, some on the floor, but everyone near a charging port that could find one.

One advantage, I had earlier found a seat that faced the windows.

plane in skky

The clouds began to roll in and the sun became the backdrop as it lowered into the sky.

Oranges, browns, maroon.

I quickly grabbed my camera…it was a magnificent sky, and I couldn’t stop shooting.Atlanta airport

I’m always fascinated by sunsets, but this one was captivating.

I watched the planes take off, one by one; the sky dotted with many at one time.

Now the landscape seemed on fire.

And I watched each plane become a small, dark shadow as it faded into the large, glowing sun.

Ironically, I accidentally found these photos after watching the TV movie, United 93, today.

Once again, it brought back a lot of emotion.

I cried.

Those people were just like us…

going about their business—

a normal day of flight thinking they’d arrive to their destinations.

Then, it all changed in a moment

well, many moments.

They were terrorized.

Watching death play out right in front of them.

Their calls home were so moving.

I can’t even imagine being the one listening on the other end.

Some came home to awaiting voice mails.

What heart-gripping sadness thinking…

They’re. Now. Gone.


God bless them, and their families who have to relive this day over, and over, and over each year.