wedding ring box

When my daughter mentioned she was getting married, I went to work making lots of things. One of the items I made was this ring box; It’s so simple and easily adaptable.

wedding ring box

Here’s some of our wedding pics from that beautiful day in Georgia…

our wedding pics

For this wedding ring box you’ll need:

1 small box of any kind.

Paper, synthetic, or dried flowers

glue gun or tacky glue

decorative (thicker) paper

styrofoam to fill the empty box

2 small wooden discs


Mr. & Mrs. stickers


First, find a small box.

I used an old cedar box I got as a graduation gift (from a local furniture company) when I graduated from high school. All the female graduates got was the days of “hope chests”, remember those? OK, I’m old.

ring box

Then, I used the paper flowers to cover the wording on the box lid.

After gluing down the styrofoam within the box, I used scrapbook paper to cover it.

I added the Mr. and Mrs. stickers to the wooden discs and then glued the discs to the paper. I was going to paint the lettering, but found this to be easier. I also added some ribbon and a special keepsake pin I got while I was in China. (I’ve been keeping it since the 80’s for this particular celebration…some day. 🙂 )

It’s the symbol used in Chinese weddings.

Fú Fú (Double Happiness)

You see these signs all over the doors, etc..but usually in the color RED!

WikiDouble Happiness (simplified Chinese: 双喜; traditional Chinese: 雙喜; pinyin: shuāngxǐ) sometimes translated as Double Happy, is a Chinese traditional ornament design, commonly used as a decoration and symbol of marriage. Outside of China, it is also used in United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Make a ring box for your wedding that's easy!

ring box pin 2


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